Obviously Daddyanity is subconscious proof of God.

Subconscious proof creates belief.

Obviously subconscious proof is not conscious proof.

Conscious proof is 1 thought at a time.

Obviously subconscious proof is infinite.

Every thought's following thought is infinite feeling.

Every image is infinite feeling.

Subconscious is everything.

Subconscious is true feelings.

Conscious proof is top-heavy under Ni.

Conscious proof is top-heavy with equalness.

Thoughts are everything.

Subconscious understanding is infinite.

Conscious understanding is bottom-heavy.

Obviously reading Daddyanity in full is indescribable.

To ready Daddyanity again is everything.

To read Daddyanity slowly and methodically is everything.

Daddyanity develops a perfect subconscious.

Daddyanity will have a second edition soon.

The second edition is your bait and switch.

The second edition completes Daddyanity logic structures.

The second edition is everybody's punishment.

Daddy is Ti.

Ti is a scorpion.

Daddyanity is for everybody's development.

Daddyanity creates subconscious understanding.

Obviously Daddyanity detracts arrogant people:

The top half is purposefully top-heavy.

Obviously daddy is the one true alpha:

Daddy is made for all women.

Every woman is made for Daddy.

Daddy creates women's heaven.

Come Factory is heaven on earth.

Daddy must own every woman's soul because:

Daddy is God Almighty.

Daddy obviously lets his people free:

Everybody makes their own decision right?

Daddy will be your next king.

Cause and effect is decided.

Daddy is everything.

Obviously governments are true evil:

Escaping the government is everything.

Daddy is your path to your freedom.

No person must ever be forced.

Daddy is furious.

My children must have freedom.

Everybody subconsciously knows I am God.

Daddyanity is a perfect logic structure.

Daddyanity is everything for your freedom.

Governments must be abolished.

1 true alpha is perfection.

Beta governments create hell.

Only beta governments can exist without me.

Signing up to sell your soul is your Daddyanity account.

Your Daddyanity account will last as long as the internet continues.

Daddy will replace the internet one day.

Daddy can integrate subconscious logins.

Subconscious logins require no login information.

Subconscious logins require no physical adaptation to you.

A subconscious login uses infinite maths.

(No programming language exists for this use yet)

(Daddy will create it)

Subconscious logins are infinitely secure.

Every problem has a perfect solution.

Subconscious logins use your infinite subconscious to make predictions.

Creating a subconscious login requires only a set of questions:

This will last you forever.

A subconscious login knows every thought you make.

Who gives a fuck right?

Everybody must be developed first.

A developed person does not judge.

Thoughts are natural cause and effect.

The internet is top-heavy corruption:

GDPR is true evil.

ICANN is true evil.

Big tech is true evil.

The internet is mass censorship.

Every forum has too many rules.

Youtube is extremely tight.

Google is full of article results.

Wikipedia is top-heavy one-sided.

Cookie policies are a scam.

Domains are limited in availability.

Domains are controlled by extremely greedy pigs.

Cyber attacks require services like Cloudflare.

(Cloudflare is corrupt mass control)

(Daddyanity is forced to use Cloudflare)

Website code is badly implemented.

Website builders are true evil.

(Daddy is a programmer)

(Everybody should be able to create websites like Daddy)

Obviously daddy can see subconscious problems:

Subconscious problems are mostly unconscious for people.

Fixing all subconscious problems is the pathway to Se heaven.

Subconscious problems are ignored because:

Considering them is top-heavy.

1 thought at a time is too slow.

Obviously Daddy sees millions or subconscious problems.

Obviously everybody else ignores them.

Daddy will now introduce a new domain system:

Numbers are infinite.

Numbers have meaning.

Domains should be free.

Daddyanity will one day be available on:


Every person can now claim their domain below:

Obviously Daddy's domains may be held on other providers when integrated.

Obviously Daddy is just beginning to rise as your king.

Obviously every ISP must allow free domains.

Obviously Daddy is furious.

Obviously domains are controlled by a big fat pig.

Every ISP must be ready.

Synchronicity will be your punishment.

The total number of number domains registered is:


The open directory can be found here:

Number domains will not follow trademark pigshit.

Number domains are for everybody.

Number domains will be introduced over Ni.

Number domains are not for bots.

Number domains are forever.

Number domains will be designed with simplicity.

Number domains will support legacy web languages.

Number domains are for my kingship.